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Customers ideas are a challenge for us. Since we are the authors of the offered classifieds software we know each programming detail about it. Customers contact us with different ideas that they want to introduce on their websites. And this is a pleasure for us to meet customer's expectations and modify a website according to customer's needs.

Below find several examples of classified ads software customization on different customers' websites.


Direct payments to the administrator account
Some of the clients want all the payment to be sent on their account including the „buy now” Payment. Administrator of such site settles with the advertiser basing on the portal terms. Usually, he sends the amount with a bank transfer to the advertiser but deducts the commission first. To meet such requirement we can propose a modification of the direct payments functionality. It results in having all the enabled payment options available for „Buy now” option, and payment is sent on admin bank or payment gateway account.
Avatar on the adverts list
There are advertising portals where there is no need of showing the advert image on the list of adverts. Instead, it is preferred to have the advertiser avatar, that is set on his profile. An example of this can be a job portal, where only the company logo is needed.
User account dashboard
Instead of having only separate menu items linking to specific advertiser profile pages like „My ads” or „My Profile” we can create condensed and useful user dashboard view which can be reached after login.
When portal provides adverts in few countries at the same time it is good to implement a mechanism that allows adding adverts in one of the predefined currencies. The exchange rate will be automatically updated basing on the agreed source that provides daily rates feed. Thanks to this mechanism advertised item can be purchased in different currency then it was added. What’s more, a user can search using price in any of available currencies and system will find advert no matter in which currency it was added.
Extra fields display improvements
As a standard, all advert parameters are displayed universally as a unified list, in one specific area of a single advert page. On the client inquiry, we are able to modify the display of this parameters. The condition, in this case, is that all the extra fields and their values need to be defined first. Then we can add icons to specific values of the field or display set of fields as a separate group. Each group can also be styled differently.
Two-way rating
When the classifieds site is mainly orientated on the direct payments between users it is good to give them an option to rate themselves. With a standard functionality, any registered user may rate other users. With this modification, the rating is possible only when one user purchase sth. from another. When the transaction is completed buyer can rate seller and vice versa. They can rate themselves only once per transaction.
Steps in the add advert form
Adding advert with our solution is very clear and easy. However, on client request, we are able to divide the form into an AJAX based steps, which will make the process, even more, user-friendly.
Private messages with discussions
If the standard messaging system is used on the website, it has the inbox and send-box in separate tabs, and each message is a separate item. We can offer a modification that each user have a conversation instead of the inbox and send box. It is useful for example in case of dating portals.
Live chat between registered users
Another variation on messages is a live chat functionality. Instead of standard messages system, users may chat among themselves. Each user advert is marked as available by a green dot next to advert title when an advertiser is logged in the site.
Forcing of users flow
Different portals may require different flow. For example, on a dating portal, you may want to allow users to view only the home page and the rest of the site’s content only after registering and adding the first advert. With this service, we are able to force different behavior scenarios.

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We are a team of highly experienced developers so, except all the options listed above, we are absolutely capable to develop any feature or improvement you need. The sky's the limit, but of course sensible UX too :)

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